Photo: Iepé

Information Management Program

The Information Management Program encompasses cross-cutting areas of work at Iepé, which are interconnected with programs and Indigenous peoples but not limited to them. 

For instance, the Regional Articulation branch is dedicated to engaging with communities in our areas of operation, including riverine communities, fishermen, and traditional communities inhabiting the Mosaic of Eastern Amazon. 

This program also includes our efforts and campaign against illegal mining in Indigenous Lands and Conservation Units. Apart from the environmental damages, our work involves researching, analyzing, and communicating the health risks posed by mercury, primarily through the consumption of fish by the population, which is being contaminated by the liquid metal used in the activities of miners. 

The communication area has been dedicated to engaging with our external audiences, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, from the Amazon region and all corners of Brazil. It aims to reach as many people as possible with our work and the voices of Indigenous peoples through written stories, videos, and photos. It also serves as the point of contact with the media, which amplifies our work and relies on our spokespeople as trustworthy sources for the topics we specialize in. 

Two other operational fronts of the program include mapping and georeferencing the regions where we operate and supporting the productive chains of sociobiodiversity.